The best sailing or motor boat rental site

The best sailing or motor boat rental site

Welcome to our boat rental site, your ultimate reference for the best boat, yacht, sailboat and other marine vehicle rental experience. We offer quality boats and unforgettable trips on the water.

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Catamaran : Fountaine Pajot Sanya 57

  • Fort Lauderdale
  • 17.37 m
  • 12 pers.
  • gauge-full 200 HP
  • 5 cabins
From 1 520 €

Motorboat : Sea Ray 480

  • Fort Lauderdale
  • 15.5 m
  • 12 pers.
  • gauge-full 1280 HP
  • 3 cabins
From 1 240 €

Motorboat : Monterey 328ss

  • Fort Lauderdale
  • 10.06 m
  • 10 pers.
  • gauge-full 960 HP
  • 1 cabin
From 850 €

Catamaran : Lagoon 46

  • Mykonos (City)
  • 13.99 m
  • 10 pers.
  • 6 cabins
From 757 €
5.0 (1)

Sailboat : Hanse 508

  • Seget Donji
  • 15.55 m
  • 12 pers.
  • gauge-full 80 HP
  • 5 cabins
From 436 €
5.0 (1)

Sailboat : BENETEAU OCEANIS 35.1

  • Ajaccio
  • 10.75 m
  • 10 pers.
  • gauge-full 30 HP
  • 3 cabins
From 430 €
5.0 (1)

Sailboat : Dufour 44 Performance

  • Port d'Alcudia
  • 13.67 m
  • 12 pers.
  • gauge-full 55 HP
  • 4 cabins
From 320 €

RIB : Lomac 660 TURISMO

  • Hyères
  • 6.54 m
  • 8 pers.
  • gauge-full 150 HP
From 280 €
4.8 (10)


  • Puerto Marina Benalmadena
  • 4.5 m
  • 6 pers.
  • gauge-full 15 HP
From 50 €
5.0 (8)

RIB : BSC 65 Classic

  • Lège-Cap-Ferret
  • 7 m
  • 12 pers.
  • gauge-full 150 HP
From 220 €
4.9 (13)

Catamaran : Lagoon 400 S2

  • Faro
  • 12 m
  • 16 pers.
  • gauge-full 70 HP
  • 4 cabins
From 400 €
5.0 (11)

Sailboat : Bénéteau Oceanis 35

  • Les Sables-d'Olonne
  • 10.45 m
  • 6 pers.
  • gauge-full 30 HP
  • 3 cabins
From 174 €
4.9 (34)

Catamaran : Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40

  • Alimos Marina
  • 12.18 m
  • 10 pers.
  • 4 cabins
From 481 €
5.0 (1)

Sailboat : Cantiere Del Pardo Grand Soleil 40

  • Port Hercule
  • 11.99 m
  • 10 pers.
  • gauge-full 40 HP
  • 3 cabins
From 450 €
5.0 (2)

Sailboat : Bénéteau Beneteau 473

  • Ibiza Town
  • 15 m
  • 10 pers.
  • gauge-full 75 HP
  • 3 cabins
From 650 €
4.8 (16)

Sailboat : Bavaria Cruiser 37

  • Agde
  • 11.3 m
  • 12 pers.
  • gauge-full 30 HP
  • 2 cabins
From 300 €
5.0 (23)

Motorboat : voraz 500

  • Puerto Marina Benalmadena
  • 5 m
  • 7 pers.
  • gauge-full 15 HP
From 50 €
5.0 (3)

Motorboat : Nireus CL620

  • Benalmádena
  • 6 m
  • 8 pers.
  • gauge-full 150 HP
From 80 €
4.8 (10)

RIB : Capelli Tempest 650 luxe

  • Grand Piquey
  • 6.5 m
  • 12 pers.
  • gauge-full 175 HP
From 240 €
5.0 (12)

Things to know when renting boats

Our partner offers a wide range of boats, ranging from small pleasure boats to luxury yachts. Our site has advanced search filters to help you find the boat that best suits your specific needs, whether in terms of size, type of boat or equipment.

Each boat has a specific home capacity. On our site you will find detailed information about each boat, including the maximum number of passengers allowed on board. You can select a boat depending on the size of your group.

The skill required to pilot a boat depends on its size and power. For smaller boats, no previous experience is usually required, but for larger yachts, some sailing experience may be required. We provide clear information on the skill requirements for each boat so you can make a choice based on your level of experience.

Specific equipment details are available on our partner's site for each boats.

Owners provide you with comprehensive information on the boating rules and restrictions applicable to each boat. This includes authorized geographical areas, navigation limits, restricted areas, as well as any other specific regulations that must be observed during the rental of the boat.

Minimum and maximum rental length varies by boat and time of year. On our partner's website, you will find detailed information on the minimum and maximum rental duration for each boat. You can choose the duration that best suits your needs, whether it's a daily, weekly or longer rental.

Our partner has a clearly defined cancellation policy, which details cancellation conditions and refund possibilities. The conditions may vary depending on the cancellation period and the rental period. We recommend that you consult the cancellation conditions at the time of booking.

Fuel is generally not included in the rental price unless otherwise stated on the listing. As the renter, you will be responsible for the fuel used during the rental period. You must return the boat with the tank at the same level as at the beginning of the rental.

To rent a boat, carry out your search using our filters according to your criteria (geographical navigation area, type of boat, date, number of passengers, with or without skipper, etc.), then select boat of your choice.

Some additional charges may apply, such as post rental cleaning charges. The specific charges will be indicated when booking and will be clearly communicated to you. Local taxes may also apply in accordance with applicable regulations.

The deposit is set by the boat owner. On average, the deposit is around €2,000. This security deposit will be returned to you after the end of the rental, subject to no damage or loss to the boat. Responsibilities and insurance coverage will be clearly specified in the rental conditions.

All owners have an obligation to be covered for their rental activity. On the site of our partner, you will find information on the insurance offered to owners. Some have their own rental insurance.

The booking and payment process is easy and user friendly. You can make a reservation directly on the partner's site by selecting the rental dates, the boat of your choice and following the reservation steps. Payments can be made online via secure payment methods.

Yes, the partner site offers assistance and support in case of problems during the rental. A dedicated team is ready to help you and answer your questions. You can contact them by phone or email, and they will do their best to resolve any issues you may encounter.

  • Motor boats: Unless otherwise stated in the advertisement, a boat license is required.
  • Sailboat in France: a license is not required, however it is possible that it is requested by certain professional rental companies for insurance reasons.
  • Boat abroad: boat license is required.

Our partner site has offers with different options. You have the possibility of renting a boat with or without a professional skipper, with or without a guide. If you rent a boat with a guide, this means that the owner will be on board as a passenger, you will be the skipper. If you choose to rent a boat without a guide and/or without a skipper, you and your passengers will be the only people authorized on board. Being accompanied by a skipper allows you to have an expert on board to navigate and guide you. The skippers on offer are experienced and qualified, and they will help you get the most out of your yacht charter experience.
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